A Wedding In The Country. Walterville, OR. Bgephotography, Natural Light Photographer.

Just Us Saying, “I Do” In Front Of Close Friends And Family.


Ian and Susan are down to earth people, and simple, not fancy.  I first met them in March at Cafe Madiera over a sweet delicious treat and drinks to talk about their wedding in July.  We talked details, and how they met.  They met online 4 years ago, and she found out he was located in Georgia.  Once they got to know each other, he flew to our beautiful state of Oregon to meet her.  You could say they liked each other a lot! So they stayed in touch, and realized they had a lot in common and wanted to get to know one another even more.  Ian decided one day that he loved her, and wanted to be with her, so, just like that, he relocated to Oregon.  How romantic, right?

The rest of the story? Well, that’s where I come in, with telling their love story! I love to tell and capture couples love story through my lens.  It’s evident they love and care very much for one another, and know how to have fun.  I really enjoyed getting to know them both at our first meeting, engagement session, and then wedding.  Susan warned me Ian is shy, and doesn’t like his picture taken.  I love to capture people in their natural state, I always take the first few minutes into a session and let them know I’m not going to be in their face, don’t do a lot of posing, and that I want them to forget I’m there.  So just breathe!! ha! ha!  He did a wonderful job, he put all his attention into Susan, they walked hand in hand, talked, and laughed the whole time.  Loved that!

Their wedding day took place in Walterville, Oregon.  They said their vows in front of their close friends and family at the Walterville Grange.  The Coburg hills made for a beautiful back drop, and it was a beautiful sunny day out in the country.  It was a small, intimate, and laid back wedding.  The bride and groom looked amazing! I was honored they chose me to capture their special day!


Stomped_0099Stomped_0101Stomped_0102The “first look”

stomped_0119stomped_0117stomped_0116stomped_0127stomped_0128stomped_0131stomped_0130stomped_0133stomped_0134stomped_0136stomped_0137stomped_0138stomped_0141stomped_0139stomped_0140It was a beautiful wedding, so happy to be apart of it.  Best wishes to Ian and Susan!!


Beach Session. Newport, OR. Bgephotography

I love that my girls love the beach as much as I do.  When I say want to go play on the beach? They yell, “YEAH!!”  all smiles of course.  When I just want to stroll, they’re right there beside me.  When I just want to sit on the jetty and take it in, they’ll join me.  When I just want to watch the waves through my lens, they just let me be, because they know I want to take pictures.  I hope you enjoy these raw black & white images I captured of them playing on the beach and being playful with one another.  Pictures taken in Newport, OR.  We enjoyed our mini vacation during Spring break. If you know me at all, you know I would live on the coast if I could, or at least be there every free moment.   It is my second love, after my husband of course! I could do this everyday! There’s nothing like watching your own children play and laugh and enjoy each other.




Run, run, run!!

Stomped_0108Stomped_0107.jpgStomped_0111I’m sinking!!!

Stomped_0112Another fav! Big sis carving in the sand…….SISTERS!

Ian & Susan’s Engagement Session. Owen Rose Garden, Eugene, OR.


It was such a fun evening on a beautiful Spring day to hang out with Susan & Ian and capture their personalities and love! It has been fun getting to know them.  I love that they are very down to earth people and very easy going and love to laugh.  They met online, and have been together 4 years now and have chosen to seal their love in July.  They are very excited to exchange vows in front of a small crowd with close friends and family.  I am honored that they’ve chosen me to tell their love story!

Their engagement session took place at the beautiful Owen Rose Garden.  I hope you can feel the love between them in these pictures.  Feel free to leave them a message of congratulations!


Stomped_0093Stomped_0094Stomped_0098Stomped_0099Stomped_0100Stomped_0101Aren’t they cute together?

Stomped_0102Stomped_0103Stomped_0104Love the way he looks at her, with such love and adoration, and check out the bling!

Stomped_0106We took a stroll down to the river as the sun was setting, and enjoyed the view and the ducks. I love how caught in the moment they were, as if it was just the two of them.

Stomped_0105We ended the session at this huge old tree, it was so cool looking!Feel free to share!

New Look, New Style! Re-Branding Of Bgephotography. Lifesytle Photographer, Eugene/Springfield, OR.

New Look, New Style!

If I was to say EXCITED, that barely covers it!! I am OVER THE MOON happy with the re-branding of Bgephotography now that it’s done! It’s so me, so chic, so clean and pretty, it just POPS!! My friend Ruth who is diving into the designing world (who is also a talented photographer I might add) worked diligently on my vision.  She amazed me with her talent, I knew she was the right person to re-brand my business.  I put together an inspiration board for her sharing with her my vision, colors, dreams, and style.  She nailed it! YEY! (If you want a peak, here it is.  branding-ideas-for-bgephotography/)  It’s quite the labor intensive process, for everyone involved, but SO worth it in the end! SO so happy with it, now to make the changes to everything else, whoa, that’s a BIG job as I begin thinking about it! So you will slowly see the new look everywhere! As always I appreciate when people share!

I enjoyed working with you Ruth, again thanks a million!!

Here it is!

Inspiration Board~

Branding boardNew Logo~

Logo-BGEphotographyNew Watermark~


Feel free to leave Ruth and I your thoughts! Isn’t it beautiful?

Mother’s Day Mommy And Me Session’s. Bgephotography, Eugene/Springfield, OR.

Mother’s Day themed session’s being offered for a limited time!2014-05-10_0001I would love the honor of capturing you with the

little loves of your life!2014-04-29_0002The joys of motherhood!

10 High resolution and beautifully edited digital images

For $150 (half down to reserve date)

Please click on the ‘CONTACT’ button above and let’s schedule your date!

Steam Punk Tea, Part 2. The Shelton McMurphey Johnson House, Eugene, OR.

Steam Punk Tea~ Part 2


Stomped_0033Stomped_0034Stomped_0037Stomped_0035Stomped_0036Stomped_0040Stomped_0044Stomped_0043Stomped_0042Stomped_0045Stomped_0046Stomped_0047Stomped_0048Stomped_0049Stomped_0051Stomped_0050Stomped_0032Stomped_0038Oh my goodness, this was such a fun event and a great turn out! The staff at The Shelton McMurphey Johnson House knows how to host and have fun!

Steam Punk Tea, Hosted By The Shelton McMurphey Johnson House. Eugene, OR. Special Event Photographer, Bgephotography.

A Step Back In Time~Fashion Mixed With Fantasy.


Steampunk~ A sub genre referring to Science fiction, and a little fantasy.  In recent years a fashion and lifestyle movement that commonly features technology and aesthetic designs based upon antiquated steam powered machinery inspired by industrial Western civilization during the 19th century.   Steam punk also refers to any of the artistic styles, clothing fashions, or subcultures, that have developed from the aesthetics of steam punk fiction, Victorian-era fiction, art nouveau design, and films from the mid-20th century.  There you have it, thanks Wikipedia!

This day was mixed with fashion, fantasy, machinery, punk, music and Victorian flair! It was a blast! I was so impressed with the outfits, and how the guests really went all out to dress the part and got in the spirit. What a perfect venue for this too, I mean dressing up and having tea in at beautiful Victorian castle on the hill, how could you not enjoy yourself? Hands down the staff at The Shelton Mc Murphey Johnson house knows how to throw an event! The tea, the food, and desserts were amazing as well.

It was an honor to be apart of this fun event, and capture these images! This is part 1 of 2, because there’s just too many great images to share and fit into just one post, so be sure to sign up to subscribe so you don’t miss out! Hoping this leaves you wanting to see more, please share, I love it when people leave comments and share!




Tamathy, You looked gorgeous, so glad you could be there!


Sarina Dorie, you looked amazing!Stomped_0019Stomped_0024Stomped_0010

Isaac Paris~ArtistStomped_0008

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